Basic Skills








BOXING - Intermediate Instruction

Level: Intermediate
Monday to Thursday: 6pm - 7:15pm (Basic Skills/Offense),
            Intermediate Instruction: 7:15pm - 8:15pm
            (Immediately following the Skills class)

Duration: On-going. Start any time !

Intermediate instruction continues work on basic and more advanced techniques. There is a focus on working in pairs, but very little open sparring. This class will introduce the skills necessary for advanced technique and competition, however, the class is also ideally suited for those that want to learn good boxing technique purely for pleasure and do not want much or any contact. All skills classes preceding the instruction refine the attributes essential for a boxer including coordination, speed, stamina, strength, movement and offensive techniques. There is contact in this class, varying in intensity depending on the skills and goals of each individual.

This class is ongoing and may be attended by any boxer that has completed three months of beginner level technique, or the equivalent.

Language: English/Français
Instructor: Phil Dickinson